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Savona, Parma, Torino, Milano, Oristano, Porto Torres

In 1994 Studio Tributario Lepore was founded by the accountant, auditor, and expert in Trust Giuseppe Lepore. The main office is located in Savona on the Italian Riviera, 45 kms west of Genoa and 80 kms east of Montecarlo. We also meet clients by appointment in Turin, Milan, Viterbo and Parma

Studio Lepore has developed an ever growing practice in the provision of fiscal advice, solving labour problems, and representation of customers before the highest Courts. It is specialized in small and medium-sized firms. The participation in an Italian network of independent top-notch fiscal and legal practices allows us to offer our clients full service in the solution of tributary and corporate problems. We believe in full time update.

Studio Lepore is also specialized in Trust. Mr. Lepore is a member and the auditor of "Associazione Il Trust in Italia" (Association "Trust in Italy"). He actively takes part in advanced professional events organized by this Association, writes articles about Trusts in the major specialized journals and delivers speeches at conventions and practice meetings. Studio Lepore provides consultation on Deeds of Trust and their taxation aspects.

Over the years, the Studio has become specialized in the field of Trust through the participation in advanced professional specialization events presented by the "Associazione Il Trust in Italia," of which Giuseppe Lepore is member and auditor. This has permitted us to provide consultation on Deeds of Trust and their taxation aspects. Giuseppe Lepore has been a speaker at professional conventions and practice meetings. In October, 2005, together with Mariagrazia Monegat, an attorney at law in Milan, he translated the Law of Bermuda and has also written articles regarding Trusts for specialized journals.

Savona's main office offers assistance and consultation regarding matters connected to the discipline of fishing conducted individually, as an enterprise, and specifically in a cooperative form of production and work.

We speak Italian, English, French, Spanish, and Russian.

The main office is located at 2nd Paleocapa Str. See the map of via Aonzo, Savona.



    Aspetti sostanziali e applicazioni nel diritto di famiglia e delle persone. Volume I.
    Applicazioni nel diritto commerciale e azioni a tutela dei diritti in trust. Volume II.
    Di MARIAGRAZIA MONEGAT (Curatore), GIUSEPPE LEPORE (Curatore), & altri 1 - Corredati da CD-rom




    Lo Studio Lepore svolge un'attività sempre crescente nel tempo nella consulenza fiscale, in quella del lavoro e nel contenzioso tributario.